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Government Of Pakistan

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About OPF Internship

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) intends to introduce Internship Program on the pattern of National Internship Program (NIP) which was designed and initiated by the Government of Pakistan. This program by OPF is the realization of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in contributing for social and economic development of the society.

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Internship Facility

Provide employment opportunity to the overseas Pakistanis community.

Job Training

Prepare young motivated degree holders for their future role by giving them on job training.

Opportunity To Fresh Graduates

To provide an opportunity to the fresh graduates and make them contributing members of the society.

Hire the Services

To hire the services of fresh youths and utilize fresh ideas.

HR Workforce

Provide HR workforce for Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, in particular and rest of organizations in general

Short Term Goals

To achieve short term goals & objectives of OPF through interns

Vacant Positions

To temporarily fill in the gap of vacant positions in OPF at various level

Hiring Future Employees

To identify talent for hiring future employees